Convert GWAS summary statistics to the variant call format

A common format to store GWAS summary data and associated metadata to aid with data sharing and tool development (manuscript in preparation)

The VCF format has a number of benefits:


This tool expects GWAS summary statistics in tabular format, one variant per row. The minimum required fields are:


Users may run the tool on their own hardware by downloading Gwas2VCF

For online submissions:

  1. Fill in the form below, provide as much information as possible
  2. Record the unique job identifier
  3. Check job status
  4. Download GWAS-VCF
  5. Parse GWAS-VCF in R or Python and connect to downstream analyses using gwasglue
  1. Download a subset of the GLGC (Willer CJ et al, 2013) GWAS of LDL cholesterol:
  2. curl -o 'example.txt' ''
  3. Complete submission fields or click populate
  4. Select file for upload
  5. Submit form


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